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100% Product Guarantee!

“We manufacture our exhaust removal and air purification systems in the USA, supporting other U.S. companies and keeping funds in the USA. Our major competitors are distributors who sell foreign-manufactured products and that money ships overseas.


Also, departments receiving government grants are encouraged to use that money to purchase American-made products. MagneGrip Group products are proudly American-made and guaranteed 100 percent.”

- Ed Rossman, President

MagneGrip Group History

The Company was founded in Cincinnati, OH in 1975 to provide air purification equipment and exhaust removal systems. MagneGrip Group manufactures the #1-rated solution to the health threat of diesel exhaust emissions in firehouses and vehicle maintenance facilities.  Made in the USA, MagneGrip Group is ISO 9001:2008 Certified.

You can depend on our qualified team to help with fire grant assistance. From filling out paperwork to making sure you get the best price quotes at no charge, we're here to help throughout the process!  


Call us today to assist you with your air purification and exhaust removal services.


Exhaust Removal Systems

Our exhaust removal systems were designed in 1993 as a better, more cost-effective answer to the health threat of diesel exhaust emissions in firehouses and vehicle maintenance facilities.


MagneGrip systems were an instant success resulting in thousands of installations and continuous growth through a nationwide distribution-and-service network.

HazVent Pneumatic Exhaust Removal Systems

HazVent pneumatic exhaust removal systems was acquired in 1994. This product meets the needs of customers who want pneumatic systems, and those who have older, competitive-brand pneumatic systems that need replacement parts and dependable service.

AirHAWK Air Purfication Systems

AirHAWK Air Purification Systems was acquired in 2006 to further develop our product line with new-technology air filtration units. AirHAWK ceiling mounted, ducted, and portable units are helping to remove airborne contaminants; and neutralize toxic compounds that pose health risks in firehouses, medical clinics, airports, office buildings, etc.

Let Us Help You Get a Grant

MagneGrip/AirHAWK offers FREE expert assistance to fire and EMS departments in finding grants for exhaust removal systems. This includes help with access to grants, with training in grant writing and application, and with optional grant writing at 50% discount through FireGrantsHelp.com. The grant expert team will maintain contact with your department as fire grants are pursued, and until a suitable grant is found.


For inquiries, with or without grant assistance, we provide your fire department with additional systems information, a needs survey, engineering specifications and drawings, budgetary quotes, and other pertinent information.


MagneGrip/AirHAWK exhaust removal systems are the number one choice of U.S. fire departments. Our advanced technology, ease of use, performance reliability and safety are unmatched. To rid your firehouses of cancer-causing diesel exhaust emissions, begin by completing one of our inquiry forms:


Fire Grants Assistance


Informational Inquiry

Fire Fighter Cancer Foundation

Partnership Benefits Fire Fighters


The Fire Fighter Cancer Foundation and The MagneGrip Group have formed a partnership to help extinguish fire fighter cancer.


The Foundation provides education to alert fire fighters to the cancer-causing exposures in their occupation and it advocates for cancer research and presumptive legislation. It also helps active and retired fire fighters who have cancer with resource information and assistance during treatment.


With support from The MagneGrip Group, the Foundation is able to provide the latest information on protecting fire fighter health in the firehouse. Diesel exhaust particulate and gases are known carcinogens and, if not eliminated, exposure to these toxins can cause debilitating illnesses.

The MagneGrip Group furnishes AirHAWK 265 units to the Fire Fighter Cancer Foundation at reduced cost for cancer victims in need. The portable AH 265 units provide air purification and germicidal protection.


Visit the Fire Fighter Cancer Foundation

Our Customers Are Our Best advertising

There are thousands of MagneGrip installations nationwide including NASA-Kennedy Space Center, Andrews AFB, Stockton (CA) F.D., Norfolk (VA) F.D., Gainesville (FL) F.D., and many more.  References are available. For fire departments and EMS facilities in your area that have installed MagneGrip systems, call 1-800-875-5440.

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Supporting Partner of Fire Fighter Cancer Foundation MadeInUSA

ISO 9001:2008 Certified          

Health Effects of Diesel Exhaust

The World Health Organization (WHO) announced in June 2012 that diesel exhaust causes cancer in humans and called for tighter standards. A professor of respiratory toxicology at the University of Edinburgh told CBS News, "It's pretty well known that if you get enough exposure to diesel, it's a carcinogen."


The exhaust from engines burning diesel fuel is a complex mixture of gases and fine particles. Anytime an apparatus is operated inside a building, those toxic substances can be inhaled. Exhaust residue also adheres to walls and other surfaces (clothing, furniture, etc.) and is absorbed through the skin.


Warnings From Environmental and Occupational Agencies:

  • The International Mechanical Code (IMC), which serves as a guide for state building codes, requires that all toxic emissions from diesel exhaust be eliminated for the protection of those who occupy the premises.

  • More than 40 substances emitted in diesel exhaust are listed as hazardous air pollutants. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) says these pollutants are “likely to be carcinogenic to humans and are shown to be a chronic respiratory hazard to humans.”

  • Based on human and animal studies, the National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) recommends that diesel exhaust be regarded as an occupational carcinogen.

  • The Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) says that workers exposed to diesel exhaust face the risk of adverse health effects ranging from headaches and nausea to cancer and respiratory disease.

  • To eliminate the health threat of diesel exhaust in firehouses, the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) says “the most effective means is to connect a hose (to the exhaust pipes of all vehicles) that ventilates exhaust to the outside.”


This is precisely what the MagneGrip "source capture" exhaust removal systems do. They remove 100 percent of the dangerous exhaust toxins, guaranteed.