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Automatic Release


MagneGrip’s patented, magnetic-assisted nozzle has three Magne-Paks (with rare-earth magnets) strategically located to support the nozzle connection. Guide pins ensure that the nozzle is always properly connected. When the vehicle exits the bay, a cable inside the hose causes a positive release of the nozzle at the door. The cable eliminates tension or pull on the hose, so it is less likely to stretch over time.


Less Equipment


Competitive pneumatic and electro-magnetic systems require extra equipment such as air compressors that cycle on and off 24 hours a day to maintain pressure, air lines running from the compressor all the way to a control valve, electro-magnetic wiring that is necessary to release attachment to the vehicle, etc. MagneGrip systems do not require this extra equipment.


No Safety-Disconnect Needed


MagneGrip is so confident its nozzle will release automatically with every exit, a safety-disconnect is not required. After releasing at the door, the hose/nozzle assembly safely retracts away from the door. Competitive systems need a safety-disconnect because the nozzle doesn’t always release when exiting. When this occurs, the apparatus drags the lower hose section down the street with the nozzle still attached.


Power Outages


If the power is out in your station, the MagneGrip system continues to operate and the nozzle automatically releases at the door. With pneumatic or electro-magnetic systems, when there is no power or a delay in power, there is no automatic release and your emergency response time can be compromised.

Remove diesel exhaust with our exhaust extraction equipment that's 100% effective. Because of its revolutionary technology, MagneGrip Group in Cincinnati, OH has been granted a U.S. patent on its design.

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Why is a MagneGrip Exhaust Extraction System your best choice?

Cooler Operation


Only MagneGrip offers a patented 100% sealed system that allows for ambient air intake to cool hot exhaust emissions. Our patented nozzle has a one-way check valve that allows air in, but does not allow exhaust fumes to escape. The air intake cools the exhaust, reduces wear and extends the life of the system’s components.

Health Effects of Diesel Exhaust

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"We looked at the different systems, and MagneGrip's operation is extremely easy. Unlike other systems, the MagneGrip system has very little maintenance."  - Randy Rigsby, Chief, Berea (KY) F.D.