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  • MagneGrip offers the only 100% sealed systems with ambient air intake. Air intake cools the exhaust heat and reduces wear on components.

  • The lower transition elbow is molded aluminum. Scratch resistant, cooler to the touch, and won’t rust or corrode.

  • Support cable inside the hose transfers weight to lifting elbow. At lower end, cable attaches to nozzle to ensure smooth disconnect.

  • Lifting elbow eliminates hose twisting and sliding that occur with old-style rubber saddles.

  • Lower two feet of hose is 1,000°F-rated and has a handle to enable personnel to easily connect the nozzle from a standing position. The lower hose section is an automatic upgrade.

  • Auto-sensor options activate the exhaust fan automatically when engine starts and when returning to the station.

It's the best protection available. MagneGrip systems meet the NFPA 1500 Standard for “no less that 100% effective capture” to eliminate dangerous exhaust emissions in firehouses. MagneGrip, an American company, manufactures all its products in the USA.

Advanced Features

Simple Operation

Systems are fully automatic and won’t slow down boarding time. When engine starts, auto-sensor activates the exhaust fan. The fan runs for three minutes and automatically shuts off. (Manual override is used when engine needs to run longer, such as during engine tests.) Nozzle stays connected as apparatus exits the bay, then automatically releases at the door. The balancer cable gently retracts the hose/nozzle assembly away from the door.

Combination systems

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MagneGrip's New Technology Nozzle

The MagneGrip nozzle uses the latest patented technology to create a no-leak seal, capturing all toxic exhaust emissions at their source. Rare-earth magnet assemblies provide exactly the holding power needed, making the nozzle easy to connect. Alignment grooves on the nozzle guarantee a positive connection.


The MagneGrip nozzle assembly...

  • Is lightweight and easy to connect

  • Requires no air or electrical system support

  • Releases automatically as apparatus exits

"The biggest benefit of the MagneGrip System is the ease of use. The hose snaps on to the MagneGrip tailpipe adaptor with magnets; the auto sensors turn the blowers on when the apparatus is started to begin exhaust removal. It's quick and easy to use. And for the health of our firefighters, it's reassuring to know we are reducing the risk and worry of diseases caused by diesel exhaust."  

- Herbert Williams, Fire Chief, Mount Pleasant (SC) Fire Department

Exhaust Removal + Air Purification For Maximum Protection

Fire departments and municipalities throughout the country are taking a hard look at the overwhelming statistics and warnings about firefighter/EMT health (Exhaust Emissions Increase Cancer Risk). Many fire departments are fixing the problem by combining two state-of-the-art systems from one company—MagneGrip Group—to ensure that their firefighter/EMTs have maximum protection.


MagneGrip Group is the only company that manufactures both source-capture exhaust removal systems (MagneGrip) using hose-and-nozzle that connect to the apparatus tailpipe, and air purification systems (AirHAWK) filtration units that suspend from the ceiling. This combination provides the most complete protection from engine diesel exhaust, off-gases from equipment and turnout gear used at the fire scene, toxic air blown in from the tarmac, and airborne contamination. This combination system provides greater liability protection for municipalities—and it best fits the intent of FEMA and NFPA recommendations.


CASE STUDY – compiled by FireRescue1.com / EMS1.com

Exhaust Removal Systems

100% Effective Capture

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