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The Fire Fighter Cancer Foundation and The MagneGrip Group have formed a partnership to help extinguish fire fighter cancer.


The Foundation provides education to alert fire fighters to the cancer-causing exposures in their occupation and it advocates for cancer research and presumptive legislation. It also helps active and retired fire fighters who have cancer with resource information and assistance during treatment.


With support from The MagneGrip Group, the Foundation is able to provide the latest information on protecting fire fighter health in the firehouse. Diesel exhaust particulate and gases are known carcinogens and, if not eliminated, exposure to these toxins can cause debilitating illnesses.

Call us today to learn more about effective methods to minimize diesel exhaust particulates in your facility. 800-875-5440

MadeInUSA Supporting Partner of Fire Fighter Cancer Foundation Supporting Partner of Fire Fighter Cancer Foundation


Partnership Benefits Fire Fighters

The MagneGrip Group furnishes AirHAWK 265 units to the Fire Fighter Cancer Foundation at reduced cost for cancer victims in need. The portable AH 265 units provide air purification and germicidal protection.

AirHAWK 265

AirHAWK 265