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MagneGrip/AirHAWK offers FREE expert assistance to fire and EMS departments in finding grants for exhaust removal systems. This includes help with access to grants, with training in grant writing and application, and with optional grant writing at 50% discount through FireGrantsHelp.com. The grant expert team will maintain contact with your department as fire grants are pursued, and until a suitable grant is found.


For inquiries, with or without grant assistance, we provide your fire department with additional systems information, a needs survey, engineering specifications and drawings, budgetary quotes, and other pertinent information.


MagneGrip/AirHAWK exhaust removal systems are the number one choice of U.S. fire departments. Our advanced technology, ease of use, performance reliability and safety are unmatched. To rid your firehouses of cancer-causing diesel exhaust emissions, begin by completing one of our inquiry forms:

MagneGrip Group is in partnership with the Firefighter Cancer Foundation to help educate firefighters about cancer. It also helps active and retired fire fighters who have cancer with resource information and assistance during treatment.

Need help accessing grants for your department? Call us today for FREE expert assistance.



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FREE Assistance to Find Grants for Exhaust Removal Systems



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