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MagneGrip Exhaust Removal System  

MagneGrip  Exhaust Removal Systems connect to exhaust pipes or stacks of vehicles and equipment to eliminate breathing toxic exhaust fumes when diesel engines are operated indoors. Systems can be installed for OTR trucks; school, transit and tour buses; farm implements; heavy off-road equipment for industrial, construction and military uses; stationary generators; etc. With proper use, these systems can help reduce owner liability.


AirHAWK Air Purification System  

AirHAWK Air Purification Systems, also manufactured by MagneGrip Group, are ceiling-mounted air cleaning units that remove exhaust emissions, gases, and other contaminants. They can be used in maintenance facilities, factories, auto repair shops, etc. AirHAWK also has ducted and portable units for office buildings, bus terminals, clinics and single rooms. These units can also be used in combination with a MagneGrip custom system.

Top Stack Cane


To avoid ladder use or other attachment problems with vertical exhaust stacks, MagneGrip offers its patented top stack cane. Made of lightweight aluminum, it has handles for easy positioning and will not scratch chrome stacks. The adapter fits all exhaust stacks straight, or angled at 45 or 90 degrees to 13 ft. and higher.


The top stack cane can also be used for blowing turbocharger oil through the exhaust system. Mount the stack adapter and place a container under the bottom end. After the oil has been evacuated, rinse out the stack adapter.

Hose reels


MagneGrip heavy-duty hose reels are used in installations where exhaust hoses might interfere with human or vehicle maneuverability. This makes it easy to position hoses where they are most convenient, yet have the ability to retract them for safety purposes.

Pivotal-arm extension


These extensions enable flexible hoses to be swiveled into the best position for connecting. Steel construction arms are available in different lengths and diameters, and with flexible-joint options.

Specialty hoses


MagneGrip offers a variety of specialty and high-temperature hoses. Newer engines with catalytic converters and DPF devices run hotter and require flexible hoses that can withstand high temperatures, sometimes up to 2000 degrees.

High efficiency fans


Air Movement and Control Association (AMCA) International construction-standard fans with spark-resistant curved blades are offered for maximum efficiency. The totally enclosed self-lubricating motor operates automatically. Fans must be properly sized to maintain the correct airflow.

Inline Particulate Filter


As a green technology or environmentally friendly option, the filtration unit is positioned in the exhaust removal ductwork to capture carbon particles before discharging outside. The unit is factory assembled and encased in aluminized-steel housing.

What can you do to remove 100% of diesel exhaust?

Our exhaust extraction equipment is 100% effective. Because of its revolutionary technology, MagneGrip has been granted a U.S. patent on its design. MagneGrip systems have been proven in thousands of installations since 1997.

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Optional Equipment

top_stack hose_reel (1) swivel-arm specialty-hoses part-filter

Maintenance Facilities and Garages


MadeInUSA Supporting Partner of Fire Fighter Cancer Foundation


Diesel exhaust emissions create toxic gases. In maintenance shops, fleet garages and vehicle repair facilities unhealthy diesel exhaust fumes can cause cancer, respiratory illnesses and cardiovascular disorders. MagneGrip Exhaust Removal Systems manufactures systems that remove vehicle exhaust emissions.

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