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Rochester Fire Department Installs AirHAWK Air Purification System from MagneGrip

By MagneGrip, Nov 16 2017 06:00PM

At Rochester (MI) Fire Department, a mechanical design constraint limited options for effective exhaust removal. MagneGrip resolved the issue with an AirHAWK 3000 XL air purification system.

After identifying the need for apparatus exhaust removal and ventilation, Rochester Fire Department researched many options. The firehouse design, with radiant heaters in the bay area, restricted the ventilation options. “MagneGrip was selected because they provided the best exhaust removal design and performance for the apparatus and the best pricing based on specifications,” said Chief John Cieslik. “We are very happy with the performance of the AirHAWK 3000 XL air purification system.”

The air purification system installed at Rochester FD includes six AirHAWK 3000 XL units with a PCO module and two control panels. Five of the AirHAWK 3000 XL units and control panel are in the large bay and one AirHAWK 3000 XL unit and panel are in the small bay. Each AirHAWK 3000 XL unit is activated by photo-eyes at the entrance and exit doors, which starts the system as the apparatus pass through the doors and break the beam of the photo-eyes. Flags are installed on the doors as well. When the doors are raised the flag breaks the photo-eye beam and air purification units start.

Rochester Fire Department received an Assistance to Firefighters Grant (AFG) for the air purification system.

“Everything from initial contact through installation was professional. We worked with our Sales Representative, on design and pricing. The installation team was neat and they kept the site safe and clean,” continued Cieslik.

Each AirHAWK unit provides four stages of filtration with a unique, patented Photo-Catalytic Oxidation process. Most air cleaning systems remove particulates and some gas-phase pollutants released in diesel exhaust. AirHAWK offers the only system with the additional protection of Photo-Catalytic Oxidation and Ultraviolet Radiation.

Unit placement and design of the air circulation pattern are critical to air purification and circulation effectiveness. The AirHAWK engineering team has more than 30 years of airflow design expertise. For each application, AirHAWK designs an effective air circulation pattern that provides continuous air purification and coverage for an entire area or facility.

More information about AirHAWK air purification systems can be found at www.magnegrip.com/air-filtration.

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