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Satisfied Customers Say...

By MagneGrip, Aug 22 2019 07:52PM

Since 1993, we’ve worked to design and engineer the best, most cost-effective answer to the health threat of diesel exhaust emissions in firehouses and vehicle maintenance facilities. Here are several comments from our satisfied MagneGrip and AirHAWK customers.

“The SFT System is great because the hose gets out of the way. The hoses in other systems would knock things over and interfere with our runs. Before the MagneGrip installation, the air quality was poor; fumes hung in the air and soot covered the walls of the firehouses. The air quality is a 100-percent improvement from before. We can feel the difference.”

Tim McFarland, Battalion Chief, Connersville (IN) Fire Department

“Magnetic hoses are simpler and more reliable. No air supply is needed to make them work, so there is nothing to break down. We had high expectations from MagneGrip and we were not disappointed.”

Tim Albertson, Chief, Huntington (IN) Fire Department

“With AirHAWK 3000 XL systems now installed in two of our fire stations, we like the cleanliness and tidiness of the bays. We also like the passive system of exhaust removal where no firefighter intervention is needed. It’s totally automatic. The air purification system is started by photo-eye sensors and no matter where engines are parked -- in any station or bay, the system works automatically. The system is reliable providing clean air constantly. We also appreciate the easy maintenance.”

Bill Priese, Assistant Chief, Meridian Charter Township (MI) Fire Department

“A big benefit of the MagneGrip System is the ease of use. The hose snaps on to the patented MagneGrip tailpipe adaptor with magnets; then auto sensors turn the blowers on when the apparatus is started to begin exhaust removal. It’s so quick and easy to use, our firefighters attach the nozzle, jump on the truck and we're on our way. As firefighters, we have a 40% greater chance than the general public of getting cancer, cardiovascular and respiratory diseases. It’s reassuring to know that with our exhaust removal system, we are reducing that risk and worry.”

Ronald DuBose, Captain, Mount Pleasant (SC) Fire Department

“Our first responders work to keep the St. John’s community safe. Exhaust removal is key for their health and safety. We implemented the exhaust removal system to protect our personnel and to be more prepared to respond to our community when they need help.”

Jeremy Robshaw, Captain, St. John’s County (FL) Fire Rescue

"I like the safety of the MagneGrip system. The lightweight, magnetic nozzle has a smooth release and it doesn't swing back forcefully like other systems."

Dales Duermit, Chief, Sharonville (OH) Fire Department

"We looked at the different systems, and MagneGrip's operation is extremely easy. Unlike other systems, the MagneGrip system has very little maintenance."

Randy Rigsby, Chief, Berea (KY) Fire Department

"We had the AirHAWK 3000 XL system installed in the apparatus areas of our department. The apparatus areas are noticeably cleaner, fume and dust free."

Tom Barstow, Chief, North Myrtle Beach (SC) Fire Department

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