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The MagneGrip Group in Cincinnati, OH furnishes AirHAWK 265 units to the Firefighter Cancer Foundation at reduced costs for cancer victims in need.

Simple Drop

Exhaust Removal System

The Simple Drop System has the same components as the Sliding Balancer Track System, without the track. If the vehicle leaves the firehouse on an emergency run, the MagneGrip nozzle remains connected until the hose and cable are fully extended and then it automatically releases.


Because the system captures and removes exhaust emissions at start-up and until the nozzle disconnects, it eliminates the heaviest concentration of exhaust gases and particulates.


For tight budgets, installing a Simple Drop System is less expensive than a track system. It is a good option for vehicles that may be started everyday, but are not used regularly for emergency runs. Later, if needs change, a track can be installed and the system converted to provide door-to-door coverage.

Highest Airflow Available - MagneGrip systems have the highest airflow of any 100% sealed system-totally removing exhaust emmissions in the fastest, most effective manner possible.


MadeInUSA Supporting Partner of Fire Fighter Cancer Foundation

ISO 9001:2015 CERTIFIED      

MagneGrip fans are designed solely for exhaust removal and have continuously welded housings to eliminate "rust run." Spark-resistant, curved blades deliver highest efficiency, stability, and quieter performance.

MagneGrip Fans

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