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  • Die-stamped, 90-degree lifting elbow that eliminates hose pinch, twisting and sliding that occurs with rubber saddles.

  • Hose has an internal support cable that transfers weight to the lifting elbow and balancer to eliminate hose stretching and tearing. The cable also ensures easy release of the nozzle.

  • Lower two feet of hose is 1,000°F-rated. It can be fitted with an optional handle that makes connecting quick and easy. The lower hose section is an automatic upgrade.


Sliding Balancer Track Systems are available with either Magnetic Nozzle or Pneumatic Nozzle.

"We've had our MagneGrip system for three years and it could not work better. It is dependable and easy to use. We are very pleased with the system."     - Sean McGuckin, Chief, Gales Ferry (CT) F.D.


Sliding Balancer Track (SBT)

Exhaust Removal System

The MagneGrip Sliding Balancer Track (SBT) System can be installed in each bay for one vehicle or for two vehicles parked in tandem. It provides door-to-door exhaust capture in firehouses with drive-thru bays. It connects to emergency or nonemergency vehicles.


The balancer controls the cable that holds the hose in position. It is connected to a dual-glide trolley that moves inside the overhead track.


When the alarm sounds and the vehicle moves forward, the trolley glides effortlessly inside the track until it reaches a rubber end-stop. At that point, the hose extends to the threshold of the door and the nozzle automatically disconnects as the vehicle exits.

Highest Airflow Available - MagneGrip systems have the highest airflow of any 100% sealed system-totally removing exhaust emmissions in the fastest, most effective manner possible.

MadeInUSA Supporting Partner of Fire Fighter Cancer Foundation


Easy to Use and Fully Automatic