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Vertical Stack Rail (VSR)

Exhaust Removal System

MagneGrip offers a Vertical Stack Rail System for vehicles that have vertical stack exhausts. No manual connection is required. As the apparatus enters the firehouse, the stack catcher adjusts horizontally to align the suction rail with the vertical stack exhaust.


When the ignition is engaged to start the apparatus, an electronic signal starts the exhaust fan. Upon returning to the station, the ignition-sensor starts the fan automatically and, as the apparatus enters the bay, all exhaust emissions are drawn through the suction rail and vented outside the building.

"We visited other fire departments that had exhaust systems and investigated the problems other systems had, and it looked like MagneGrip would be the best system."     -Tony Brown, Captain, London (KY) F.D.

Highest Airflow Available - MagneGrip systems have the highest airflow of any 100% sealed system-totally removing exhaust emmissions in the fastest, most effective manner possible


MadeInUSA Supporting Partner of Fire Fighter Cancer Foundation


MagneGrip fans are designed solely for exhaust removal and have continuously welded housings to eliminate "rust run." Spark-resistant, curved blades deliver highest efficiency, stability, and quieter performance. Fan manufacturer is ISO-9001 Certified.

MagneGrip Fans

MagneGrip Fans

Diverter Valve

When vertical stack and undercarriage tailpipe exhaust vehicles are parked together in firehouses, a diverter value adds versatility and convenience. A Diverter Value assembly is mounted to the undercarriage of the vertical stack vehicle converting the exhaust system to a side tailpipe exhaust whenever an apparatus enters or is parked in the apparatus bay area.  A vertical stack apparatus can now be exhausted to a hose system and the apparatus parked in any bay.

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